Top Sports That May Cause Knee Damage


Think about the force exerted by the weight of your body as your feet hit the pavement. The shock has nowhere to go but up, jarring your ankles, shins, and knees. A condition known as “Runner’s Knee” where inflammation develops underneath the kneecap is commonly diagnosed, along with a number of cartilage and ligament problems. Wearing the right shoes is absolutely imperative for a runner, as is knowing when to slow down.


Athletes and sports fans shudder at the announcement of a knee injury in football players, for good reason. A sudden change in direction, stumble, or collision with another player can tear your Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) or meniscus. Either of these cases is likely to result in knee surgery for correction, ending your season.


Coming down for a hard landing, crashing into the floor or other players, and abrupt direction changes may rupture the Mediate Cruciate Ligament (MCL) or destroy the cartilage in the knee.


Twisted knees, a kick to a vulnerable joint, and torn meniscus are frequent in the world of soccer. Since soccer has such repetitive movements, overuse injuries are common too and may result in conditions like bursitis or swelling within the knee. Some of these problems can be relieved by rest, ice, compression, and anti-inflammatory medication but others may result in knee surgery to fix.



Though swimming is a wonderful low-impact sport, inner knee injuries happen far too often. This is an overuse injury, so rest and recovery is your best course of action. Proper conditioning and form is very important for swimmers, since sloppy or tired technique can exacerbate the problem.

Sports are a fun and healthy part of life, but unfortunately do not come without a price. Talk to your orthopedic specialist today about protecting your knees and joints while enjoying your favorite activities.

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