Top Summer Food for Healthy Bones

One of the most wonderful things about summer is the fresh produce available at farmers’ markets and grocery stores. While you may love the fresh veggies and fruit this time of year, you may not be aware of the impact it has in orthopedic care.

Veggies for Calcium

Dairy isn’t the only great food source for calcium. Many leafy greens such as spinach, kale, mustard and collard greens are rich in calcium while minimizing your fat intake. Washing them well and eating them raw in salads is more favorable, since cooking techniques often deplete vegetables of their helpful minerals. An added bonus is that many of these same foods provide huge benefit to your general wellness since they are heavy in antioxidants that keep cells healthy.


During a steamy summer, you can take great delight in frozen treats as part of your orthopedic care! Ice cream is a great source of calcium, but so is its less fatty frozen yogurt counterpart. Another cool treat is chilled cottage cheese topped with a little fresh fruit. Your bones love the calcium these foods provide; just be cautious about the dense calorie count that dairy can pack.


Speaking of fruit, adding fresh berries to your summer is a delicious and healthy way to add a ton of antioxidants to your diet. Blueberries are considered a “superfood” as are raspberries and blackberries. Pomegranates are another great source of essential vitamins, in addition to strawberries and cranberries. Freeze these fruits for a wonderful cool-down treat, or blend them into smoothies with ice and even a little spinach, and enjoy a tasty vitamin-laden concoction.

Enjoy fresh, wonderful natural foods this summer for benefit to your orthopedic care program. Talk to an orthopedic doctor for more great tips on improving bone and joint health.

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