Understanding Signature Personalized Knee Replacement

No matter whether you’ve experienced an athletic injury, arthritis has degenerated your joint, or some other issue has compromised your knee, surgery to replace the knee may be the answer your orthopedic doctor has recommended. Signature Personalized Knee Replacement is a specialized method for replacing this complex joint and is steadily growing in popularity.

What Is Signature Personalized Knee Replacement?

A typical replacement of the knee uses a generic artificial joint for implantation. The Signature Personalized technique customizes the replacement joint for the best result possible. By doing MRI scans on the patient, maps of the knee are used to create a three dimensional model of the knee’s anatomy. When an accurate representation of the knee has been made, the replacement joint and a set of customized guides are fabricated. These pieces will fit perfectly in the patient’s body and will allow the leg to be perfectly aligned.

Why Choose Signature?

A standard replacement of the knee will be acceptable for many people, but patients with these cookie-cutter joints frequently report instability, a feeling that the joint is wobbly or loose, pain related to the implantation, and issues with recovery. With the Signature Personalized system, the fit is nearly perfect from the very beginning. This results in excellent stability. The patient can trust the joint and grows comfortable with it far more quickly than traditional artificial knee joints. The perfect fit means the joint will not be wobbly or feel as if it is moving within the leg.The Signature system also means a better range of motion from the knee, so it can bend and straighten to a greater degree than historical solutions.


Surgery to implant the Signature Personalized Knee Replacement system is minimally invasive, plus the customized implant helps minimize the amount of bone or cartilage that must be cut away to make the artificial joint fit correctly. This results in improved healing and faster recovery versus a standard knee replacement surgery. The surgery itself takes less time since modifications to the existing anatomy are minimal.

The Signature Personalized Knee Replacement may not be for every patient who needs a replacement, but for those who qualify, this system has distinct advantages over traditional replacement techniques and products. Talk to your orthopedic doctor today if a replacement of your knee is in your future.


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