Weight Loss And Orthopedic Care

Orthopedic_CareCurrent news stories often report on the impacts of obesity, but they rarely tell the story of how it affects your orthopedic care. Being overweight takes a serious toll on your joint and bone health in ways you may not have considered. Maintaining a healthy weight can help you avoid some of these orthopedic issues.

Joint Stress

With each step you take, force is generated and absorbed by your skeletal system. Each extra pound multiplies that force significantly and your knees, feet and hips bear the brunt. These joints will eventually break down and the internal cushioning wear away. You may develop painful osteoarthritis (OA) in the joint. Your orthopedic care doctor could eventually need to surgically replace the damaged joint. Losing excess weight will help avoid this extra stress, delay or prevent the onset of OA and keep your joints much more comfortable. 

Bone and Muscle Weakness

Obese and overweight patients may follow a poor diet or have underlying medical conditions that affect bone health and muscle strength. Some studies have suggested that bone and muscle tissue may not be regenerated as quickly in obese patients as are fat cells, leading to weaker bones and muscles. A diet high in sugar can create an acidic environment in the body and soften bones, compounding the problem. Eating antioxidant vegetables, lean proteins and low-fat calcium sources will help minimize extra weight and promote orthopedic health.

Risk of Falls

As orthopedic care patients age, the risk of a serious fall may increase. This is especially true if the patient is overweight or obese. Falls are very dangerous from an orthopedic care perspective as they can result in a bad fracture or dislocation. For an older person, this can be devastating. Reducing extra weight and remaining active will make falls less likely, especially if balance and strength exercises are included in your exercise routine.

If you are overweight or obese, losing weight could improve your orthopedic care issues. Work with your medical and orthopedic doctors on a sensible weight loss strategy to lose weight safely. Your body will thank you!  

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