What Causes Lower Back Pain?

Orthopedic doctors treat thousands of patients every year, and one of the most common problems reported by patients is lower back pain. An injury, aging, bad habits, genetics, and more may all contribute to lower back pain, with the following issues at the core of the problem.

Degenerated or Herniated Discs

Your spine is cushioned by a disc that absorbs the force of walking, running, sitting and standing like a sponge. Over time, these discs may become compressed due to age or weight problems and allow vertebrae to grind together. Another type of issue is a herniated disc, where the gel-like material inside the disc begins to bulge. As the bulge places pressure on your nerves, you may feel serious pain. Herniation may result from trauma like a car accident, but also often from improper lifting.

Misaligned Vertebraeorthopedic_doctors

A perfect spine has a few gentle curves that resemble a very slight letter “s” from your neck to your tailbone. If any deviation to this shape occurs, it can lead to pain. Orthopedic doctors frequently see misalignment in the lower back, which will often cause pain in that area and down either leg. Correction methods could include manipulation of the vertebrae, therapy, or surgery depending on the specific problem.

Muscle Issue

Overexertion, bad form during exercise, a pulled muscle, and lower back strain can leave you barely able to move. For athletes, proper conditioning is very important, as are proper form and avoiding injuries related to overuse. Don’t continue to practice or play if you are too tired, since fatigue usually means sloppy form and increases injury risk.


People of any age can develop arthritis. It may be prompted by an injury, genetics, excessive weight, heavy physical labor or bone density loss. Once arthritis has begun to develop, it may get progressively worse if no action is taken. Physical therapy, anti-inflammatory medications, and exercise can be used in combination to provide relief and keep joints strong.

Orthopedic doctors have various ways to treat lower back pain, so if you’ve been suffering, talk to your orthopedic professional for help.


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