What to Expect after Knee Arthroscopy

Knee SurgeryIf you are having knee problems, your orthopedic doctor is likely to recommend an Arthroscopy. This sophisticated method of knee surgery uses a small high-resolution camera which is then inserted into the joint. Resulting images are projected on a high-definition monitor, giving your surgeon excellent views that were previously unavailable. Arthroscopy is less invasive than traditional knee surgery methods and its recovery is usually quicker. The following is an overview of what to expect after a knee Arthroscopy.

Immediately after surgery

  • You will have a few small incisions that are made to accommodate the camera and other surgical tools. They require no more than a stitch or two to close and sometimes only strips of sterile adhesive tape.
  • The anesthetic may leave you light-headed and disoriented for some time.

At-home care

  • Incisions and any wound dressings should remain clean and dry. Follow your surgeon’s instructions regarding showers and baths, as well as the schedule for changing dressings.
  • Depending on the procedure, you may need to temporarily use crutches or a splint for additional protection during recovery. Always avoid putting weight on your knee until the surgeon has given the go-ahead.
  • Be sure to keep your knee elevated whenever possible to reduce swelling. Applying ice packs in the affected area is also helpful.
  • Your surgeon will prescribe pain medication and, at times, recommend aspirin to lessen the risk of blood clots.

Follow-up visits

  • You will have at least one post-surgery visit with your surgeon. He will evaluate your progress, discuss physical therapy and provide further recovery instructions.
  • Ideally, you should plan on a minimum of one to two weeks at home. Most patients are cleared to resume normal activities within four to six weeks. Your timetable depends on your specific procedure.

Knee surgery is no longer the cumbersome process it was in years past. For more information, contact Specialty Orthopaedic Surgery to schedule an appointment.

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