When Should I Visit An Orthopedic Doctor?

Orthopedic DoctorMany people avoid going in for medical care of any sort, but at some point a visit to an orthopedic doctor is a necessity. While you may not want to go for just any ache or pain, there are some problems that warrant an appointment. Here’s how to tell the difference.

Severe Pain

Many people experience minor aches as they stumble out of bed, especially as one ages. Generally those small pains subside as you get your joints moving, and fluid circulating through them. However, you should be more concerned about more intense pain. Chronic pain, the sudden onset of stabbing or throbbing pain, or joint pain accompanied by other issues like fever or redness are signs that you should visit your orthopedic doctor. These can be symptoms of a ligament, tendon or meniscus tear, or an infection deep inside the joint. Without proper care these types of problems can cause permanent damage.

Swelling or Bruising

Swelling is a sign of inflammation, which denotes that the tissue in the joint has been injured in some way. A swollen knee, foot or ankle may mean a fracture or tear. Bruising often accompanies a bad sprain, which can be harder than a break to recover from. For proper diagnosis and treatment recommendations, you’ll need an orthopedic professional’s help.

Mobility Issues

Occasional stiffness is fairly standard for active people, but a problem that interferes with your daily life is reason to see an orthopedic doctor right away. Issues getting out of bed, standing, sitting or laying for more than a brief period, trouble with dressing and hygiene, or commonly falling are all signs that you should immediately schedule an appointment. No joint problem should interfere with your quality of life, especially with how advanced orthopedic treatments are today.

Don’t neglect your joints when they are trying to tell you something important. If you have any of the described, talk to your orthopedic doctor today.

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