Why Core Strength is Important

Weight lifting, cardio, conditioning…these activities are all very important to an athlete, but according to sports orthopaedics, core strengthening is equally so. What does core work mean for your body and your passion for sports?

Better Balance and Stabilitysports_orthopaedics

Strengthening your core (which is not just your abs, but your whole abdomen and pelvis too) provides a solid center of gravity for your body to rely upon. Your movements will be more confident, you’ll be less likely to fall or stumble, and you’ll experience major improvement in your balance. Your posture will be better, helping your breathing and overall health. Core strength becomes even more important as you age and begin to lose bone density. Lessening the likelihood of a fall can mean the difference between great health and tragedy.

Strong Spine

Many people know the misery that is a sore back, and athletes often suffer from this problem increasingly as they age. By developing good core strength early in life and maintaining it, you are less likely to have major back issues since your muscles support your spine. An added bonus of core work and general activity is helping to achieve and maintain healthy body weight.  This reduces the unnecessary  stress on your joints that can be added by carrying extra weight.

Reduce Pain

Sports orthopaedics professionals see many patients who are victims of their own bad habits, in this case, poor posture. Your parents and teachers may have scolded you to sit up straight and walk tall as you were growing up, and heeding their advice will help your bones. Poor spinal alignment and posture creates pressure points, where nerves, bones and joints experience extra stress because of bad body positioning. Core work improves your posture and relieves the stress on those points, plus keeps joints (especially those in your spine) staying fluid and lubricated, keeping your body comfortable and fending off problems later in life.

All of the benefits mentioned above ultimately translate into better athletic performance and wellness. Talk to us today about adding core work into your routine for all around benefits.

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