Why Delaying Fracture Care is Harmful

A broken bone is something nearly everyone has experienced at some point in their life time. Some broken bones result in significant pain and some do not hurt at all. While you may be tempted to skip having your potentially broken bone attended to, your orthopaedic surgeon would recommend against your lack of action for many reasons.

Incorrect Healing
When a bone breaks, it is very important that it be set so that it will heal correctly. Bones that have been left to heal on their own often fuse together poorly, resulting in crooked healing. This is not just a cosmetic issue, as it can negatively impact the bone’s strength and performance. Arthritis at the site is a strong likelihood as a result.

Repeated Breaks
Another reason to have broken bones taken care of is because they may begin to heal, but then break again repetitively. This can be a painful situation and the bone may take a very long time to heal, if it ever truly does.

Nerve and Tissue Damage
When a bone is broken, it can be broken in various ways. If the ends of the bone are offset from each other even slightly, they can slice through or tear the surrounding tissue, creating a bad situation for the nerves and blood vessels nearby. Tendons, ligaments, arteries and veins may be damaged and your broken bone will develop into something much worse that could permanently impair your mobility and need more intensive care from your orthopaedic surgeon.

Instability and Weakness
A bone in a major limb like an arm or leg is a part of the body that supports weight in some form. Your legs must support your body weight, and bear the impact of your walking weight. Your arms need to carry and hold things. When one of these bones are broken, they cannot handle the burden and will fail you. Broken legs can cause a fall, injuring you further. A broken arm may snap completely if you try to carry objects with it. Even a hairline fracture compromises the strength of a bone significantly.

If you avoid having a broken bone fixed, it is not just a short-term impact. While pain may fade soon if you are lucky, it is likely your orthopaedic surgeon will be treating you in the future to correct the issues resulting from the lack of attention to the bone break.

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