Why Good Posture is Important for your Bone Health

Your skeleton is the foundation for everything your body needs to do. From an early age, many of us have been scolded to “sit up straight” and “stop slouching.” While that directive may have been annoying to hear as a child, it is very sensible advice that will benefit your orthopedic care.

Increased Strength

Proper alignment of your bones places your body in its strongest positions. You’ll struggle less in daily activities and even breath better. Tasks such as lifting and carrying items is much easier with proper body positioning. You’ll be strong and stable and minimize the possibility of developing a rounded spine, which affects the strength, flexibility, and performance of your entire body.

Less PainOrthopedic_Care

Slouching and crouching will pinch nerves, compress muscles, and cause your body to have unnecessary pain. Misalignment created by bad posture generates pressure on your joints, and your muscles are stretched to compensate for the uncomfortable angles you are forcing upon them. Your limbs and joints operate much more efficiently and comfortably when aided by proper posture since they are no longer unnaturally compressed and twisted. Maintaining the correct curves of the spine will also help ward off osteoporosis later in life, which can be painful and debilitating.

Less Risk

When your body is in its strongest position, you are less likely to break a bone or seriously injure a muscle or ligament. Spine fractures are an especially dangerous side effect of bad posture and the likelihood of incurring them increases as you age and your bones become more brittle. Stability of your skeleton will make falls less likely as well, helping you avoid critical injuries.

Good posture is an important key to keeping your skeleton healthy and strong. Talk to your orthopedic care specialist today about ways to improve your body posture and alignment for your comfort and health many years down the road.

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