Why You Should Strengthen Your Hips

Not everyone will need to see a hip surgeon in their lifetime, but your risk for hip injury increases as you age. Incorporating hip-conditioning exercises into your routine can help prevent many future injuries and issues. Here’s what you should know about the importance of strengthening your hips.

Prevent Running Injuries hip_surgeon

Runners are especially vulnerable to injuries related to the hip. Weak hips and their supporting muscles cause your body mechanics to be altered. The result? Your body weight is unevenly distributed and the force of your feet striking the ground places disproportionate stress on certain parts of your body. Your gait will be off and you may feel pain as your body tries to compensate for the bad mechanics. Your knees are the most affected by bad body mechanics.

Competitive Advantage

As an athlete, your interest in strengthening your hips may lie in the fact that stronger hips mean more capability on the field. You may be faster, better balanced, have an improved range of motion (great for kicking!) and may also be far less vulnerable to injury.

Joint Comfort

While your issue may not require the skilled hands of a hip surgeon, you can definitely improve your pain and stiffness by strengthening your hips. Activity is the primary ally of people with arthritis and joint problems, and hip exercise provides multiple benefits. Muscles and joints rely on blood flow for healing nutrients, and strengthening exercise helps circulation. In addition, hip conditioning will pump lubricating fluids into your joints, making them much more comfortable and flexible. Even a little stretching of your hips each day will lend huge benefits.

Better Senior Years

Hips are a vulnerable part of the body. By keeping them strong from the time you are young, you reduce your chances of a tragic fall when you are older, remain active in your later years, and will suffer far less pain.

If you have hip trouble, a good hip surgeon will advise you on what exercises may help your mobility and comfort levels now and in the future.

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