Worst Senior Activities for Knee Pain

As you get older, you might be more prone to experiencing knee pain. During the typical aging process, your joints gradually lose the cushioning that prevents bones from painfully rubbing together when you bend or flex. If you’re having ongoing knee pain, avoiding certain activities might help reduce soreness and stiffness. These are some of the things you should think twice about doing when your knees are achy. knee pain


Although working in your garden provides you with some great physical activity and a chance to enjoy sunshine and fresh air, this activity is very hard on your knees. Whether you’re planting seeds or pulling up weeds, you have to kneel or crouch down in order to get close enough to the ground. This can put a considerable amount of strain on these joints, especially if you spend a few hours gardening.


Playing tennis is another good way to exercise, but it can also strain your knees. Having to jump, lunge or make other sudden movements to reach the ball with your racket can be tough on these joints, especially if you already suffer from knee pain.


Although running can actually help your knees by making them stronger, it’s also easy to injure these joints when doing this activity. When you have arthritis or another condition that causes sore knees, running can strain them even more. Since the risk of causing additional damage to your knees is higher when you run, it’s important to check with your doctor before doing this activity. Your doctor might recommend brisk walking or jogging instead.


While golf might seem like a safe sport for those with sore knees, it actually places a lot of stress on these joints. This sport involves a significant amount of twisting while swinging a club, which can lead to more severe knee pain and raise your risk of developing an injury.

Swimming and riding a bike provide safer ways for you to exercise without hurting your knees. If you have persistent or serious knee pain, an orthopedic surgeon might be able to provide long-term relief recommendations.

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